Fleurs du Coeur 

by Katie May

Life: Lived, Felt, Shared, Seen.

A call to nature
to clarify and embody.

A space to connect
and understand.

The journey,
thoughtfully travelled,
leads the heart to flower.

Reflective lino cuts


Swifts, brave travellers

Honeysuckle for homesickness
and happiness

Beech for learning
and understanding

Bluebell for support
and constancy

Foxgloves for confidence
and creativity

La paix avec la peur

Lavender for cleansing and trust

Violet for protection
and learning

Poppy for memory and continuance

Apple blossom for health
and selfcare

Courage tranquille

Robin for good fortune and embracing happiness

Japanese quince for strength in love

Winter pansy for a strong heart

Souvenir de Soi

Poppy for memory and revelations

Rosemary for clarity and strength

Philadelphus for gentleness
and nurturing

Le cadeau precieux

Magnolia for wisdom,
acceptance, strength
and female energy

Forget-me-not for love
and memories

Brillez lumineux

Grass for protection and survival

Rose for boundaries and security

Forget-me-not for remembrance
and courage to speak

Les petites choses

Beachcombed treasures

Scallop shell for good fortune
and exploration

Seaweed for the deeper self

Algae for progress that
lies unseen

L'etoile d'hiver

Holly for peace and recovery

Cyclamen for childhood healing

Ivy for tenacity

Snowdrops for hope
and new beginnings

Les etoiles perdues

Freesia for friendship
and thoughtfulness

Lavender for grace and trust

Rose for love and gratitude


Violet for protection and learning

Cornflower for protection
and knowledge

Lavender for protection
and cleansing

Rowan for protection and healing

Le coeur naturel

Vetch for quiet

Willow for longing

Buttercup for the inner child

Scabious for gentle healing

Geranium for grounding

Angelica for inspiration

Speedwell for insight

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