Katie May

A little about me

Fleurs du Coeur lino designs represent the impact that the natural world has on me and speak of my reflections on life and learning.

As a busy parent with an unstoppable compulsion to volunteer for everything going, I frantically ran on coffee and toxic stress for a decade. My body and mind eventually gave me the rude awakening I needed. So busy looking after everyone and everything, I had forgotten to look after myself.

In healing, I turned to my old loves of nature and art, discovering how miraculously linked they are to understanding, health and wellbeing. They offered space to calm, connect and inwardly listen, and a medium in which to express, where words can sometimes be too much.

It is now my dearest hope that my work can reach out to other people and provide contemplative space and a connection to the wisdom of nature.

I live with my wonderful family in the Essex estuary village of Wivenhoe. I enjoy long walks with our dog and playing in the woods.

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