Les petites choses

Les petites choses

'The little things'

A reflection.
Drowned in scale,
Carefully found
by newly seeing awareness.
Small treasures to be nurtured.


Beachcombed treasures

Scallop shell for good fortune
and exploration

Seawed for the deeper self

Algae for progress that
lies unseen

Presentation options

Mounted and ready to frame

A3 print

£30 plus P&P

Black or white frame

A2 sized frame 
with A3 print

£80 plus P&P

Wooden frame

A2 sized frame 
with A3 print

£80 plus P&P

Cutomised colour

Unframed or framed

£30 or £80 plus P&P

Order from the collection

Please send me a message if you would like to discuss or place an order.

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